We Closely Examined Netanyahu’s Coronavirus Briefings. Here’s What They Reveal

Benjamin Netanayhu was well prepared the last time Israel went into lockdown, in January 1991. As deputy foreign minister during the Gulf War, he was tasked with presenting Israel’s case to the world, as Saddam Hussein’s Scud missiles were falling on the country. He already knew all the foreign journalists based here well and adroitly made the circuit between the television studios, promising that Israel would soon respond devastatingly (it didn’t) and trying to draw the world’s attention to the Palestinians dancing on their roofs as the Scuds hit Tel Aviv.

He even made sure to obtain a special gas mask. Unlike the standard one distributed to Israelis with the filter covering the mouth and making them almost inaudible, Netanyahu’s filter attached to the mask from the side.

One night, the sirens went off while he was in mid-interview with CNN, and he persuaded the team filming the interview to continue with their masks on – “This is the darndest way to do an interview,” he joked. You could hear his broad smile from behind the mask.

– Netanyahu is interviewed during the Gulf War