‘We Came to Israel From London for 48 Hours, to Get Vaccinated’

Noga and Lee Vaknin, 48 and 16; live in London, flying to Frankfurt and from there to London

Hi, where are you flying to?

Noga: To London. We live there and came for 48 hours only to be vaccinated. We’ll repeat the trip again in another three weeks. In the hope that his father will do the same thing soon. It’s very difficult to get here and then be in quarantine after not having seen the family and friends for so long.

How long have you been living in London?

Noga: We moved there five months ago. We hoped that this situation was going to end more quickly, but it doesn’t look like it’s going in the right direction. My husband is a security officer for El Al, he got the job in London and it’s for three years.

What do you do there?

Noga: I’m supposed to enjoy life there. But at the moment life is a bit on hold, so I’m at home. I’m a graphic designer and I work remotely with clients in Israel. We also have two younger children.