UN Releases List of 112 Companies With Ties to Israeli Settlements

The UN human rights office released Wednesday a long-anticipated report which names companies with ties to Israeli West Bank settlements.

OHCHR said it has reasonable grounds to believe that 112 business entities [For full list see below] have ties to Israeli settlements in the West Bank, 94 based in Israel, and 18 in six other countries.

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In 2019, the publication of a UN database of companies with business ties to Israeli settlements in the West Bank was delayed, drawing the ire of activists who campaigned for it for three years.

Israel's Foreign Ministry has instructed its U.S. consulates to approach governors of states in which listed American firms are based and ask them to condemn the list.

The issue has been highly sensitive as companies appearing in such a database could be targeted for boycotts or divestment aimed at stepping up pressure on Israel over its West Bank settlements, which most countries and the United Nations view as illegal. Goods produced there include fruit, vegetables and wine.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by saying "Whoever boycotts us will be boycotted," adding that the UN Human Rights Council is a "biased and insignificant body." It is not coincidental, he said, that he instructed to cut ties with the council, and that the U.S. government "made this step alongside us."

He added, "In past years, laws have advanced in many U.S. states determining that they must act decisively against those who try to boycott Israel. Therefore, this organization is meaningless. Instead of dealing with human rights, this group only tries to slander Israel.”