Two Palestinians Killed by Israeli Fire While Attempting to Cross Gaza Border, Reports Say

Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire on Monday after attempting to cross the Gaza border, Palestinian reports said. The Palestinians were part of a group of four terrorists who were armed with fireworks, the Israeli army said, adding that they tried to ignite an abandoned sniper post in the southern Gaza Strip. 

IDF forces pursued the terrorists while firing at them. The army detained one of the Palestinians for interrogation. 

According to Palestinian reports, the bodies of the two Palestinians killed were being held on the Israeli side of the border. Several others were reported wounded. 

In clashes near the Israel-Gaza border last Friday, two Palestinians, including a 14-year-old Palestinian boy, were shot dead in Gaza by live Israeli fire near the city of Khan Yunis. Gaza’s Health Ministry reported 310 wounded by live fire and tear gas inhalation during the clashes, including three in critical condition.

Israel holds Hamas, the militant and political Islamist group operating in Gaza, responsible for everything in and out of the Gaza Strip and said its military forces acted quickly to protect Israeli sovereignty and the attempt to harm security infrastructures. 

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