Turkish Strike on Convoy Including Civilians and Journalists Kills Nine, Reports Say

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a Turkish air strike in the Syrian town of Ras al Ain killed nine people, including five civilians, on Sunday. Reports claim foreign journalists were also targeted.

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Observatory Director Rami Abdulrahman said the strike had hit a gathering of civilians who had come to Ras al Ain from the city of Qamishli to show support as the town is targeted by Turkish forces attacking Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria.

An official in the Syrian Democratic Forces said a "civilian convoy" had been attacked. Rudaw's reporter in the region confirmed that journalists were aboard the convoy, which the Observatory also reported.

Northern Syria-based North Press Agency (NPA) reported the severe injury of one of its journalists, named by the agency as Delsoz Yousef.

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I can confirm that the convey hit in Ras AlAin by Turkey contains journalists. I still don't know their identity though. @akhbar https://t.co/oNNigANs9h

— Jenan Moussa (@jenanmoussa) October 13, 2019

BREAKING: Hawar News confirm that one of their journalists, Saad al-Ahmad has been killed in a Turkish airstrike in Northern Syria. pic.twitter.com/YZQrTQ2TH3

— Conflict News (@Conflicts) October 13, 2019