Trump’s Angry Vendetta Against Rule of Law Is Preview of Netanyahu, Should He Win

Benjamin Netanyahu’s first phone call after the news networks declared his shock victory in the March 2 elections was to Donald Trump. “I did it,” he told the U.S. president. “The bad guys lost.” Congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister, Trump replied coolly. Sensing the frost, Netanyahu immediately added: “I couldn’t have done it without you, Mr. President. You are the pillar of fire leading the way, the light that guides us all.”

– Israel’s third election is a racist race to replace Bibi

Israel’s third election is a racist race to replace BibiHaaretz Weekly Podcast Ep. 61

Netanyahu wasn’t simply feigning false flattery, as evidenced by his second phone call, this one to his current and future Justice Minister Amir Ohana. “All systems go,” he said. The next day, Ohana informed the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the government’s intention to dismiss Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit. “Deep and ongoing differences on both law and policy mandate his removal”, Ohana wrote, citing the established but never-used guidelines for sacking an attorney general.

Striking the iron while it was still hot, Netanyahu exploited the waves of cult-like adulation that swept his hitherto despondent right wing bloc, which surged to a solid and unassailable majority of 62 Knesset seats. Netanyahu dismissed as “sour grapes gripes” accusations that his victory had been achieved by virtue of fake breaking news disseminated on Election Day by his disciples in the media, that the Shin Bet was “looking into” reports of a secret agreement between Kahol Lavan’s Yair Lapid and the Joint List’s Ahmad Tibi, which included endorsement of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, a “limited” Right of Return and a Palestinian flag on the Temple Mount.

The Shin Bet’s feeble and mysteriously delayed denial of the reports couldn’t stop masses of hitherto indifferent but now outraged Likud voters from flocking to the polls, courtesy of buses mysteriously ordered in advance by Netanyahu’s office.

In a special address to the nation to mark his victory, Netanyahu declared that his against-all-odds triumph was tantamount to total exoneration “by the only court that matters, the citizens of Israel.” Arrogant and angry, Netanyahu announced that his first mission was to “clean the stables, or, as my dear friend Donald Trump puts it, drain the swamp” to “expose and expunge” the “New Israel Fund-backed saboteurs who were undermining the state.”

Netanyahu announced his intention to introduce legislation that would eliminate the attorney general’s office and transfer his powers as chief prosecutor to the new State Attorney that Ohana had just appointed, who, the prime minister said, would be “both jurist and patriot, for a change”.

Netanyahu described himself for the umpteenth time, albeit in far starker terms, as the innocent victim of a “worldwide leftist conspiracy” with “tentacles in the justice system’s Holy of Holies.”