Trump Touts ‘Full Normalization’ Between Israel, Mideast Countries to Fend Off Iran’s ‘anti-Semitism’

Navigating a troubled era's choppy waters, world leaders gather for their annual meeting at the United Nations on Tuesday to grapple with climate change, regional conflicts and a dispute in the Middle East that could ripple across the entire planet.

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President Donald Trump made a forceful case for patriotism, defending his 'America First' policy in the face of the "cult" of globalism. He blasted China on trade, and asked leaders not to invest in the Iranian economy. 

– Trump at the UN

Trump at #UNGA74 : "The future does not belong to globalists, it belongs to patriots"

— (@haaretzcom) September 24, 2019

"No responsible government should subsidize Iran's blood lust," Trump said, announcing that sanctions would not be lifted anytime soon, and singling out the perceived threat Iran represents on Israel – "America will never tolerate such anti-Semitic hate," he vowed. 

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"For 40 years the world has listened to Iran's rulers lash out at everyone else for the problems they alone have created," the U.S. president said. "Stop threatening other countries and start focusing on your own," Trump said, although he tempered his rhetoric by saying the U.S. was "ready for friendship."