Three Palestinians Armed With Grenades Caught in Israel After Infiltrating From Gaza

The Israeli army has arrested three armed Palestinians who infiltrated the border from Gaza. The three were arrested over 10 miles into Israeli territory, near Tze’elim in the south.

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Earlier today, the army said it found traces near the fence with Gaza, raising suspicions a Palestinian may have crossed the border in a breach of security. The three were armed with knives and grenades, and were caught on Israeli territory.

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3 terrorist who infiltrated Israel from Gaza & planned an attack, captured. Police bomb disposal units at the scene. Grenades & knives found

— Micky Rosenfeld (@MickyRosenfeld) March 27, 2018


The army said that the footsteps were found during a routine patrol of the border. Local regional council have been informed. IDF has since announced a "back to normal" alert level.

Israel is gearing up for mass protests planned this Friday along the border with Israel. The Palestinians are planning on establishing six to eight big tent camps, housing thousands of people, mostly women and children along the border but some 700 meters from the fence.

– Map of Tze’elim

Map of Tze’elim

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On Saturday, the Israeli military struck a Hamas target in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for an incident earlier that day in which four Palestinians illegally crossed the border into Israel.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, the incident started around 5 P.M. when four Palestinians carrying bottles filled with flamable material approached the fence on foot and managed to cross the border into Israel near Kibbutz Kissufim. 

The group then attempted to set fire to a military vehicle near Israeli construction work on the security barrier, the military said. When Israeli troops arrived, the Palestinians fled back into Gaza.

Overnight Sunday, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system was activated by Hamas gunfire.