Teen Shot by Israeli Fire on Gaza Border Dies of Injuries, Palestinians Report

A Palestinian teenager died Saturday of his injuries sustained in clashes between Israeli security forces and protesters in the fifth consecutive week of the "March of Return" demonstrations Friday, reported the Palestinian Health Ministry. Azzam Halal Owaida, 15, was said to have been shot in the head. 

His death brings the toll of Friday’s clashes to four, and the total dead since the launch of demonstrations called the "March of Return" along Gaza’s border with Israel last month to 44. 

According to Palestinian reports, 174 protesters sustained injuries from live Israeli fire Friday out of 884 total injured. One of the injured is in critical condition, and six in serious condition. 

The Israeli army said Friday that hundreds of Palestinians rushed the border in central Gaza near the Karni Crossing. Several were wounded by Israeli fire in response.

The army added that more than 10,000 Palestinians participated in Friday’s events, saying "attempts have been made to harm security infrastructure, roll burning tires, hurl rocks and fly kites with flaming objects attached to them."

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Owaida is the second teenager killed by Israeli fire recently, following the death of Mohhamed Ayoush, 15, last week. His killing, which was captured on video, elicited local and international outry. The IDF said it will investsigate the circumstances of his death. 

UN envoy to the Midele East Nikolay Mladenov on Sunday said that "it is scandalous to shoot children" and demanded that the IDF and Israel stop firing upon Palestinian youth. The European Union also called for an investigation into the incident.

At least four people were wounded in Israeli airstrikes on Hamas outpost at a port in Gaza on Friday evening, Palestinian media reported. Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson confirmed the attack, saying the IDF struck six naval targets belonging to the organization, in response to the "terrorist actions and extensive attempts to breach Israeli territory earlier today."

The statement adds that recent protests have acted as "a guise for a string of terrorist attacks against Israeli security forces and civilians." The statement refers to the incident reported by the IDF earlier Friday, in which hundreds of Palestinians allegedly rushed the border fence, "as they hurl charges, grenades and bottle bombs and even hit and set fire to the border fence."

According to Palestinian reports, an IDF aircraft fired two missiles at the naval police station in the Gaza Strip, and the Hamas-affiliated website, Arsala, reported that the attack was aimed at two boats belonging to Hamas.