Syrian Mortar Shell Hits Near Israeli Border in Golan Heights; IDF Fires in Response

A mortar shell fired in the Syria’s civil war landed near the Israeli border fence in the northern Golan Heights on Monday, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

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The Israeli army targeted an artillery piece from where the mortar shell was fired in response, the IDF added.

Syria’s civil war has last thus far for seven years and claimed over 500,000 lives. It’s estimated that 11 million people have been uprooted from their homes. 

In response to U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria in April, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed his support for the strikes, saying "It should be clear to President [Bashar] Assad that his reckless efforts to acquire and use weapons of mass destruction, his wanton disregard for international law and his provision of a forward base for Iran and its proxies endanger Syria."

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A week prior to the U.S-led airstrikes, the Israeli military targeted an advanced Iranian air-defense system at the T4 base near Homs in Syria where seven Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force personnel, including drone unit commander Colonel Mehdi Dehgan, were killed.

“It was the first time we attacked live Iranian targets — both facilities and people,” the Israeli military official said.

The official noted that the armed Iranian drone that entered Israeli airspace "opened a new period," saying that “this is the first time we saw Iran do something against Israel — not by proxy."

The Wall Street Journal, however, reported that the Israeli military was not just attacking drone deployment. It noted that Netanyahu ordered the strike after conferring with U.S. President Donald Trump, in hopes of preventing Iran from using the anti-aircraft battery against Israeli jets carrying out strikes in Syria.