Several Arrested for Attacking Demonstrators at anti-Netanyahu Protests Across Israel

The Israel Police said on Sunday morning that they had arrested at least three people for assaulting anti-government protesters as thousands demonstrated in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official residence, calling for his resignation over his corruption charges and what they call a faulty handling of the coronavirus crisis.    

On Saturday, over five thousand protesters massed in front of Netanyahu's official residence on Balfour Street, which has become the epicenter of the protest movement. They were forcefully dispersed by police in the early hours of Sunday, using water cannons and mounted units.

– Protesters in Jerusalem’s Paris Square

האנרכיזם נמשך בכיכר פריז כמו שאפשר לראות וגם "מפיצי המחלות" פה בהמוניהם היום, הייתי אומר 10 אלף בכיף.
יש שוטרים יעודיים לאכיפת אי עטיית מסיכה שמחלקים מסיכות למי שמתנצל וקנסות למי שמתעקש להיות מטומטם ולא לעטות.
מה שכן בלי ספק ההפגנה הכי גדולה שהייתה עד כה.

— Josh Breiner (@JoshBreiner) July 25, 2020

Protesters in Jerusalem’s Paris Square

Police said that a Netanyahu supporter was detained for spraying mace at a protester in central Israel. The 34-year-old man from the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan remained in custody overnight and police said they will be asking to extend his detention on Sunday.

– Shpigel Caesarea

המאות עברו את האלף.
צועקים "ביבי הביתה".
חיכו לשיירת ראש הממשלה שלדבריהם תוכננה לעבור במקום

הזכירו פה במגפונים להתנהג יפה ולא לרדת לכביש.

השוטרים בהיכון.
עכשיו עדכנו במגפונים שראש הממשלה לא יגיע.
"לקחנו לו את החופש. לא נורא. שלא יגיע לישיבת ממשלה מחר. נסתדר בלעדיו"

— Noa Shpigel (@NoaShpigel) July 25, 2020

Over a thousand protesters in front of Netanyahu’s Caesarea home

During the police interrogation, the man confessed and regretted the act, although he said he actually used window cleaning liquid rather than pepper spray. His motivation was anger about the damage to the country's symbols, he said, adding that he had been influenced by the incitement that exists on social networks

Another counter-protester was arrested on suspicion of stabbing an anti-government demonstrator in the neck at the Sha'ar HaNegev junction in southern Israel. The police said they would ask that he remain in custody, adding that they are working to bring to justice those who were also involved in the incident.

A third person was also arrested in Jerusalem, and five others detained on suspicion of attacking a demonstrator on Lincoln Street, near the prime minister's official residence. According to eyewitnesses, the attack was carried out by five men with a helmet and a glass bottle.  

– Hasson Balfour

הערב @JoshBreiner על הדיווחים השוטפים. אבל הכיכר מלאה במיוחד. תעריכו לבד. כמה אנשים עומדים על כל מטר רבוע ותכפילו ב 5000 (שטח הכיכר 5 דונם. ראו ציוצ קודם).

— nir hasson (@nirhasson) July 25, 2020

In addition, police said that 12 anti-Netanyahu protesters had been arrested overnight for "various offences related to disturbing the peace." Protests were also held in Caesarea in front of Netanyahu's private home, and at some 250 intersections throughout the country. One man was also detained for tearing up protesters' signs in Caesarea.