Russia: Trump’s Mideast Plan Contradicts UN Resolutions

A Middle East peace plan presented by U.S. President Donald Trump contravenes several United Nations resolutions, Russian news agencies cited a Kremlin spokesman as saying on Sunday, questioning the plan's feasibility.

The Palestinian Authority has cut all ties with the United States and Israel, including those relating to security, after rejecting the Middle East peace plan put forward by Trump.

"We see the reaction from the Palestinians, we see the reaction of a wide range of Arab states which have sided with the Palestinians in rejecting the plan. This, obviously, makes one think about its feasibility," Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying.

– Haaretz Weekly Ep. 59

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Moscow previously called on Israelis and Palestinians to "negotiate directly" after the plan was unveiled last week.

Russia has complex relationships in the region, simultaneuously showing goodwill for Benjamin Netanyahu's government, and supporting the Assad regime in Syria militarily, in direct coordination with Iran.

President Vladimir Putin has also in the past held meetings with Hamas leadership in Moscow, and during his visit to Israel last week, he also travelled to Ramallah and sat with PA President Mahmoud Abbas.