Russia Outs Israel and Jordan in Syria-Iraq Border Strike

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Israel Wednesday of violating Jordanian airspace when Israeli aircrafts flew over the country on Monday on their way to attack targets near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

According to Moscow, the attack, along with three other Israeli aggressions this week have increased tensions and potential of further conflict around Syria. 

"The intensity of Israel’s missile and bomb attacks on Syria increased sharply lately," the ministry said in a statement, claiming that an Israeli Air Force aircraft fired 40 cruise missiles on targets in Damascus' suburbs on Tuesday overnight.

On Wednesday morning, the Israeli army admitted it attacked more than 20 targets belonging to Iran's Quds Force and Bashar Assad's army in and around Damascus. The attack was carried out in response to four rockets launched at Israel from Syria, and intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system on Tuesday, said the Israeli army. 

According to Israeli defense sources, the rockets were fired following a directive from Iran.