Rough Seas and Flooding: Winter Storm Batters Israel

A winter storm has begun to lash the country from north to south, with harsh weather and low temperatures recorded Thursday throughout Israel.

Rain showers began in the north and center, accompanied by thunder and high winds. There may be floods throughout the country and the Mediterranean will be turbulent, with waves expected to reach up to 6 meters high.

Twenty centimeters of snow were recorded Wednesday overnight in Mt. Hermon in the Golan Heights. The Israel Parks Authority closed several hiking routs in the area.

A collapsed embankment in Nazareth, Israel, December 26, 2019. Israel Fire and Rescue Services

Heavy rains will continue until Friday evening. Saturday will be partly cloudy with chance of flooding in the Negev and Jordan Valley.

– Snow falling in Mount Hermon.

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הבוקר נמדדו שם כ-20 ס"מ שלג במפלס התחתון, וכ-40 ס"מ במפלס העליון.
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Snow falling in Mount Hermon.The Mount Hermon ski resort

– Flood in the town of Bu’ata in the Golan Heights.

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והנה בוקעתא המוצפת הבוקר.

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Flood in the town of Bu’ata in the Golan Heights.Zahwa Hussam