Right-wing Activists Attack Arab Lawmaker Ahmad Tibi at Event in Central Israel

MK Ahmed Tibi of the Joint List was attacked by right-wing activists on Saturday while entering an event in the central city of Ramat Hasharon, with some calling him a "killer."

A video of the incident shows one woman trying to hurt Tibi with an Israeli flag. Police later stated that a woman who allegedly tried to throw sand and branches at him had been detained for questioning, and was later released.

– Ahmad Tibi Attack

הוזמנתי ובאתי כדי לשמוע ולהשמיע. הוכיתי ע׳י מפגין במקל של דגל וכן ע׳י שלט, וביציאה נזרק לעברי חול ועפר . בתוך האולם התנהל דיון תרבותי ער ואני מודה לכל מי שבא לשמוע . האלימות הזאת היא תוצאה ישירה של ההסתה של הנאשם מבלפור. https://t.co/o7LHwCHURv

— Ahmad Tibi (@Ahmad_tibi) November 30, 2019

At the event, Tibi said he believed that one of the Joint List MKs would have been murdered if a minority government with the party's support had been formed.

When asked about the basis of his claim, Tibi replied: "From past experience. Once it worked for Netanyahu, there is no reason why it won't work because we are easier targets than a prime minister. If they do a microscopic examination of Netanyahu's hands, they will see Rabin's blood stains. The man sitting on the porch is responsible."

– A protester throwing sand at Ahmad Tibi