Netanyahu’s Personal Lawyer, Ex-navy Chief and Businessman Indicted in Submarine Affair

The State Prosecutor's Office announced Thursday that it intends to file an indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's attorney and confidante, David Shimron, for money laundering in a corruption case dubbed "The Submarine Affair." 

The Prosecutor's Office also announced that it will indict businessman Miki Ganor, who was Thyssenkrupp's representative in Israel, for bribery. Former Israel Navy chief Eliezer Marom will also be indicted for bribery in the affair. 

– Haaretz Weekly Episode 51

Haaretz Weekly Episode 51Haaretz

Last year, when the police interrogation had ended, the police recommended indicting Shimron for mediating a bribery deal. This offense did not make it into the official indictment. The police had also recommended indicting the former deputy of the National Security Council, Avriel Bar-Yosef, for bribery, fraud, breach of trust and conspiracy to commit a crime. The Prosecutor's Office has yet to announce its decision on Bar-Yosef's case. 

The case involves the decision to acquire submarines and boats from German shipbuilder Thyssenkrupp Corporation.The case began with an investigative report on TV Channel 10 in November 2016, which led to an inquiry followed by a criminal investigation.

It involves two deals signed by Israel and the German shipbuilder Thyssenkrupp, one involving the purchase of three submarines for 1.5 billion euros, the other involving the purchase of missile boats for protecting gas drilling platforms, a deal worth 430 million euros.

In July 2017, Ganor signed a state’s witness agreement after he was alleged to have been involved in corruption and bribery.

In March, Ganor denied any involvement in bribery, recanting his earlier testimony.