Netanyahu: Trump and Trudeau Asked Israel to Help Take White Helmets Out of Syria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were two of the world leaders that asked Israel to help rescue hundreds of members of the humanitarian organization White Helmets and their families from Syria

Israel evacuated some 800 members of the humanitarian organization from Syria overnight Saturday, allowing them across the Syrian-Israeli border and then transporting them to Jordan. The operation was confirmed by both the Israeli army and the Jordanian Foreign Ministry.

>> Israel evacuates 800 members of White Helmets rescue organization to Jordan ■ White Helmets rescue shows that Israel Is involved in Syria way beyond humanitarian aid | Analysis

In a video statement, Netanyahu said "President Trump and also Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, as well as others, requested us to help take out from Syria hundreds of White Helmets members. These people who saved lives were now under life-threatening danger," Netanyahu said in a video statement. "I therefore authorized for them to be transferred through Israel to other countries as an important humanitarian measure."

The prime minister also said Israel continues to work against Iran’s "military buildup" in Syria.

– Israeli operation to evacuate hundreds of Syrian White Helmets activists to Jordan