Netanyahu Tells Putin: Israel Will Prevent All Attempts to Violate Its Borders

UPDATE: Russia working to remove Iran from Syria border as Israel is getting out of Assad’s way

MOSCOW – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Moscow on Wednesday afternoon for a two-day visit, and is meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin.

At the beginning of the meeting, the prime minister said that every visit in Moscow "is an opportunity for us to act together and try to stabilize the situation in our region and increase security."

"Our opinion is that Iran should leave Syria, this is not something new for you," the prime minister told the Russian President. "A few hours ago a Syrian aircraft breached Israeli airspace. We intercepted it and we will continue to act firmly against any infiltration, on land or in the air, and we expect everyone to respect [Israel’s] sovereignty and that Syria will observe the separation agreements."

The Russian leader told Netanyahu that the economic and military relations between Israel and Russia are developing in a "positive" way.

– Video of Israeli missile intercepting a Syrian drone over northern Israel.