Netanyahu Taken Off Stage in Campaign Rally Following Gaza Rocket Attack

Tow rockets fired from Gaza were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, the Israeli military said on Tuesday night, after sirens interrupted a campaign rally attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Netanyahu, 'Mr. Security,' taken off stage at campaign rally following Gaza rocket attack

— (@haaretzcom) September 10, 2019

Speaking before hundreds of supporters in the port city of Ashdod ahead of Israel's election next Tuesday, Netanyahu was taken off the stage moments after the sirens began. Rocket alerts also sounded in Ashkelon, another large population center in southern Israel.

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This is the latest event in developing tensions on Israel's border with both Gaza and Lebanon, as the country enters the final week of its redux election campaign.

– PM Netanyahu leaves a campaign event after rocket alert sirens ring out, Ashdod, September 10, 2019