Netanyahu: Ready to Land ‘Crushing Blow’ on Gaza if Aggression Continues

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel would not agree to any aggression emanating from the Gaza Strip, and is prepared to hit the enclave with a 'crushing blow.'

Netanyahu made his remarks during the weekly government meeting following the violent escalation between Israel and Gaza last week, in which several rockets were launched from the Strip at border communities.

– Haaretz Weekly Ep. 60

Netanyahu’s ‘annexation nation’ is ready to strike again. ListenHaaretz Weekly Ep. 60

Exchanges of fire between Israel and militants in the Strip have been on the rise since the presentation of U.S. President Donald Trump's peace plan for the Middle East. 

The premier added that Israel "is powerful," and still hasn't demonstrated all of its capabilities.  

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said while touring the Gaza Division that the "Reckless conduct of Hamas leaders in Gaza is pushing us to carry out a lethal attack on the Strip," without saying when and where.

"No one will be immune from Israel's future actions," the defense minister said, adding that those "actions will differ from those taken in the past.

In addition, Bennett said that Hamas can opt between a life of prosperity or resorting to terror, which "will exert a heavy price."