Netanyahu Having Trouble Feeding His Family? In the State of Bibistan, Everything’s Possible

It’s impossible for your jaw not to drop at the wickedness, gall and arrogance displayed by the inhabitants of the prime minister’s residence. The more the existential distress deepens for hundreds of thousands of unemployed Israelis, the more they cry out for help and are denied the aid they deserve by a parsimonious government, the greater the Netanyahus’ appetite to raid the state coffers.

Instead of restraint, modesty and setting an example as other Israeli leaders have done in the past and cutting his salary a bit, Benjamin Netanyahu is exploiting the public coffers as if possessed by a demon.

– Bibi Eyes ‘Annexation Lite’ as Pandemic Panic Returns

LISTEN: Bibi Eyes ‘Annexation Lite’ as Pandemic Panic Returns

Bibi and Sara have always had a problem with his pay slip. She often complains about the much higher salaries of the army chief, the police commissioner and the Supreme Court president. Who are they compared to him?

And don’t pester her with trivia, like the fact that we pay for the prime minister’s housing, or that their expenses come out of our pockets or that even their private estate in Caesarea is maintained by public funds. She prefers to focus on the cash.

Previous prime ministers, too, whose personal wealth was nowhere near the Netanyahus’, would grumble about the low sum deposited in their accounts and the unfair tax on the armored-limousine benefit, which played havoc with their salaries.

All those prime ministers, even the most self-indulgent, had the grace to do their complaining behind the scenes. Unlike the emperor and his wife, it never occurred to their predecessors to put on the theater of the absurd that we saw this week. They sent their Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, in the persons of Likud lawmakers Miki Zohar and Shlomo Karai, to seek alms for the paupers of Balfour Street.

Only people lacking self-awareness like those two clowns, who have made groveling at the feet of the prime minister, Sara and their first-born son Yair a way of life, could have put on such a show. One compared the prime minister to an emotional “cripple,” wondering day and night how to support his children. The other, who has a PhD in both industrial engineering and acting like a fool, spewed enough  inane comments that even the usually patient chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee, Moshe Gafni, shouted at him: “You’re doing endless damage!”