Netanyahu Discharged From Hospital, Suffers Minor Infection

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was taken to the hospital Tuesday evening due to a high fever and a cough. 

Later on Tuesday night, his bureau stated that while the premier will go through several tests he will not be hospitalized and is expected to be released home.

Netanyahu later tweeted to assure everyone that he was indeed doing well. "Thank you to everyone for the concern! I’m on my way home, and am certain that some rest and warm soup will sort everything out. Good night," he wrote in Hebrew on his official Twitter handle.

– Netanyahu tweets he is discharged from hospital

תודה לכולכם על הדאגה! אני בדרכי הביתה, בטוח שקצת מנוחה ומרק חם יסדרו את העניינים. לילה טוב.

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) March 27, 2018

Netanyahu tweets he is discharged from hospitalPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/ Twitter

A message released by his office noted that Netanyahu "went through a series of tests at the Hadassah Ein Karem hospital, accompanied by his personal physician Dr. Berkowitz and cared for by hospital doctors Dr. Alon Hershkow, Prof. Alon Mozes and Dr. Asher Shalmon."

According to his office, "the prime minister came to the hospital because he suffered from a high fever and a cough. He finished the series of tests and will be released to his home tonight."

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"The checkups attest to a minor infection in his upper airways. The doctors recommended that the prime minister rest and take medicine to treat his condition."

His personal physician, Dr. Zvi Herman Berkowitz, said he suspected Netanyahu hadn’t gotten the rest he needed to recover from his illness two weeks ago, and therefore, his symptoms had worsened.

Aides who spoke with him at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Tuesday evening said there was no need to appoint a replacement for him.

“Don’t go overboard,” one said. “It’s business as usual at this stage.”

He arrived at Hadassah with symptoms of an infection in his upper respiratory tract and was undergoing initial tests Tuesday evening. He was driven there in an ordinary car rather than an ambulance.

The hospital said the illness was most likely a recurrence of his throat infection, but it could have developed into pneumonia.

Ministers were informed that Wednesday’s cabinet meeting will take place as scheduled. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman will act in his stead if Netanyahu is unable to attend.

Two weeks ago, after his return from Washington, the Prime Minister’s Office said Netanyahu had come down with a throat infection and a fever, but would “continue to hold essential meetings at the Prime Minister’s Residence.” Since then, his schedule has been packed, due to a succession of visiting officials from overseas coupled with police interrogations.