Military Arrests Siblings of West Bank Attacker Who Murdered Two Israelis

Israeli security forces raided the hometown of a West Bank shooter, following Sunday’s attack that claimed the lives of two Israelis, Kim Yehezkel-Levengrond and Ziv Hajbi. The military arrested the assailant’s brother and sister, along with several other people from the village. 

Ashraf Walid Saliman Neloah

On Sunday, two people were killed in a shooting attack in a recycling factory in the Barkan Industrian Zone in the West Bank. The attacker was identified as Ashraf Walid Saliman Neloah, a 23-year-old Palestinian man from Shuwaykah who worked at the Barkan factory

The Israel Defense Forces, together with the Shin Bet and the Border Police, raided Shuwaykah, the village where Neloah, who is still at large, resides. The security services arrested several people from the village. All suspects were taken into custody and are undergoing investigation.

– IDF raids village of West Bank shooter