Live Updates: Israel Believes Gaza Fighting Is Over for Now, Won’t Attack if Rocket Fire Ends

A potential calm was reached in Gaza after the Israeli military struck dozens of militant sites in Gaza overnight as rocket fire continued toward southern Israeli communities into early Wednesday morning. Egypt negotiated a cease-fire without Israel, but Israeli defense officials said the army will respect the deal if the calm is kept.

The border area has been tense in recent weeks as Palestinians held mass protests aimed at lifting an Israeli-Egyptian blockade imposed after Hamas seized power in 2007.

The attacks continued throughout Tuesday, triggering dozens of rocket sirens in southern Israel and wounding five Israelis, one of them suffering moderate injuries. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have claimed Tuesday’s attacks, while the international community has called on the groups to cease firing projectiles immediately.

Live updates (click here for Tuesday’s updates):

10:15 A.M. Israeli official on cease-fire: If attacks from Gaza resume, strikes on Hamas ‘will be even stronger’

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An Israeli official said that the "army dealt a serious blow tonight. The responsibility lies with Hamas." They added that "from the early morning fire has stopped, and Israel has passed on messages according to which if attacks resume, the strikes against Hamas and its affiliates will be even stronger." (Noa Landau)

– The Israeli strike on the tunnel which reached 900 meters into Israeli territory from Gaza