LISTEN Trump’s Unreal Deal: No Peace, No Plan, No Palestinians, No Point

After months of waiting, U.S. President Donald Trump finally unveiled his much-vaunted peace plan for Israel and Palestine on Tuesday, to the delight of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the disgust of the Palestinians and the bemusement of many.

Joining host Simon Spungin on the pod for this breaking news episode is senior Haaretz columnist Chemi Shalev.

– Haaretz Weekly Ep. 59

Trump’s Unreal Deal: No Peace, No Plan, No Palestinians, No Point. Listen to Haaretz’s podcast

We discuss Netanyahu’s great achievement – American approval for the annexation of Jewish settlements in the West Bank – and how the deal benefits all sides, apart from the Palestinians.

We also discuss the timing of the festive unveiling of the so-called ‘Deal of the Century,” which comes a month before Israel’s third election in less than a year and on the same day that Netanyahu was formally indicted for corruption, and the odd fact that the most vocal Israeli opposition to the plan came from Democratic Senators, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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