LISTEN: Haredi Leaders Learn Harsh Corona Lesson as Israel Sends in the Troops

Host Simon Spungin is joined by Amos Harel and Anshel Pfeffer for a pre-Pesach podcast dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Israeli society.

As ultra-Orthodox rabbis and politicians finally seem to be getting the message about the severity of the threat posed by COVID-19, we ask why it took so long and whether swifter action could have contained the spread in Haredi enclaves.

– Haredi leaders learn harsh corona lesson as Israel sends in the troops

Haredi leaders learn harsh corona lesson as Israel sends in the troopsHaaretz

We also ask how Israel has fared on a national level, what unorthodox branches of the military have been enlisted in the fight against corona and whether the measures enacted thus far have successfully flattened the curve.

Looking beyond this pandemic, we ask whether Israelis’ attitude to their ultra-Orthodox compatriots will change – and what Haredi society needs to do in order to survive.

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