Kurdish Leader: Trump Just Stuck a Knife in the Back of America’s Brothers-in-arms

Turkish troops, supported by tens of thousands of Sunni Islamist militia members, have started their invasion of the Kurdish majority region of North Eastern Syria. Those troops will do everything they can to eliminate the Kurds, the focus of their sickening nationalist phobia, just as their Ottoman predecessors did in committing the Armenian genocide.

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This is why Donald Trump’s green light to Recep Tayyip Erdogan is both immoral and irresponsible.

The Turkish air force has flown over the Kurdish border towns of Gerê-spî, Serê-Kanî, Derbasiyê and Dêrik, a region stretching for over 450 km. Turkish aerial bombardments have already caused civilian deaths and forced many to leave their homes.

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The North Eastern Syria Kurdish administration has called on its military forces and all civilians in the area to defend their region. Days into the attack the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) has resisted a land incursion despite the sophisticated arms, and particularly the air force, of the Turkish army, NATO's second largest force.

The fury created by Trump’s decision, including from within his own Republican camp, and the declarations from the Pentagon trying to give some meaning to the shocking, thunderous and impulsive tweets Trump has discharged, have eased neither the pervasive confusion, nor solved the chaos that is taking place.

The administration and the U.S. military establishment has been running after those tweets, offering diplomatic pirouettes and linguistic tricks to remedy their repercussions. This is an America lacking strategy on key global issues, dependent on the transactional whims of a real estate magnate who only weakens allies and strengthens adversaries.