Israel’s Middle School, 10th-grade Pupils to Go Back to Class Part-time Sunday

Middle schools will open this Sunday with students attending two to three days a week, while 10th grade will reopen in a similar format, government officials decided at a meeting Monday.

Students will go to school three days a week if the middle school isn’t part of a high school, but only two days a week if it is.

No more than 20 students will be allowed in each class, and they will have to wear masks and maintain a distance of two meters from each other. In total, there will be a maximum of 60 students in a school each day.

Fourth through sixth graders will also return to school on Sunday, but no decision has been reached on the format. First through 3rd graders are already attending school five days a week for five hours a day, and the plan is to have them continue. Thus the two options for 4th through 6th graders are having them come one day a week, on Fridays, or having them come five days a week after the lower grades have gone home.