Israel’s Justice Minister Declares War on Key Witness Against Netanyahu

The party hack now called the “minister of justice” is an avid follower of the law. Leaks from the investigation of witnesses in the cases in which the prime minister is involved drive him crazy (except, obviously, when the leaks benefit the suspect who appointed him, with such leaks now flooding the media). 

Last week he demanded that senior officials at the State Prosecutor’s Office undergo polygraph tests in connection with these leaks. If he gave a personal example and hooked himself up the electrodes of a polygraph, one could ask him three obvious questions.

– Haaretz Weekly Ep. 47

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 47Haaretz

1. Amir Ohana, did you know you were using your immunity to break the law, when telling the Knesset what the controversial trick used in the investigation of state witness Nir Hefetz was?

2. Did you do so in order to intimidate that witness?

3. Are you working under the guidelines of the prime minister’s son Yair Netanyahu?

He’s already answered the first question in a “clarification” he issued to the media shortly after his despicable and seemingly criminal act at the Knesset. Eyes that have seen everything, including some of his actions and words, could not believe what they read: the minister, said the statement, did not reveal anything but was “only repeating things that were published earlier.”

This is hypocrisy, sanctimony and feigned innocence. What can one expect, after all, from someone who in his first day in office announced that “not every court ruling should be obeyed”? That he obey a gag order that has a lesser legal standing than a final ruling?