Israelis Told to Wear Face Masks in Public. Here’s How to Do It

On April 1, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on all members of the public to wear face masks when leaving the house in order to diminish the coronavirus infection rate within the community. “If you don’t have a mask, use a scarf or any other face covering that will limit the spread of the virus to others,” the prime minister counseled.

>> UPDATE: Americans also urged to wear masks outside as coronavirus pandemic worsens >> Coronavirus in Israel updates

Official guidelines on how and when to wear protective masks to guard against the spread of coronavirus in IsraelHealth Ministry

The Health Ministry explains in a video how to easily make your own masks at home using nothing but a sheet and hair ties, in case you can’t find any at a local store, or can’t afford them.

Take any clean, densely woven cotton or satin fabric, such as a sheet or pillowcase, that doesn’t stretch. Don’t use clothing or a towel, which have looser weaves. Take two hair ties (usually for pigtails or ponytails).

Cut into squares about the size of a bandanna, or as wide as your shoulders. Each square will be one mask.

Lay a square on a clean table. Fold the bottom third up. Now fold the top third down. It looks like a rectangle.

Slip a hair tie onto one end of the cloth rectangle and move it a third of the way along the cloth. Repeat with the other hair tie at the other end of the cloth. It looks like a cloth candy with twists at either end.

Fold the two ends of the rectangle towards the middle so the hair ties are at the edges. Insert one of the ends into the other. Now it looks like a package with the hair ties at either end.

Place the cloth over your mouth and nose and stretch the hair ties over your ears.

– Health Ministry explains in a video how to easily make your own masks at home using nothing but a sheet and hair ties