Israeli Killed in Car-ramming in West Bank; Driver Reportedly Surrenders

A 40-year-old Israeli woman was killed in a car-ramming near the Havat Gilad outpost in the West Bank, close to Nablus. The suspected driver fled the scene. Emergency responders said she succumbed to a severe head wound at the scene following initial CPR attempts. 

The Israeli military is currently setting up roadblocks around the area, and is using various means in its bid to find the suspected driver. Palestinians are reporting that the Israeli military has closed off all roads around Nablus, including the Hawara and Git checkpoints.

According to a Palestinian source, a 63-year-old man turned himself in to Palestinian security forces over the incident. He told authorities that it was an accident and fled the scene because he was frightened.

– Havat Gilad, West Bank

"United Hatzalah EMS volunteers performed CPR on a woman who was critically injured in a car ramming incident near Havat Gilad. Unfortunately, following a lengthy resuscitative effort paramedics at the scene were forced to pronounce her death due to the severity of her injuries," a United Hatzalah emergency responders spokesperson said.

A 31-year-old Israeli was killed and several were wounded in a stabbing attack in the Geva Binyamin settlement in July after a Palestinian assailant snuck into the settlement.

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Other than the July attack in Geva Binyamin, no exceptional incidents have occured over the past few months – even as violent protests erupted on the Israel-Gaza border on Nakba Day and during the U.S. Embassy dedication in Jerusalem. Israeli defense officials have maintained security coordination with the Palestinian Authority over the past several months.