Israeli Hospitals Close Some Coronavirus Wards as Number of Cases Declines

Israeli hospitals are starting to close some of their coronavirus wards and return the staff to their usual wards, given the recent decline in the number of new cases.

However, they remain ready to reopen the special wards if necessary.

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Elective procedures, which were put on hold after the coronavirus crisis began, are slated to resume after Wednesday’s Independence Day holiday.

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, dozens of dedicated coronavirus wards have opened at more than 20 hospitals. They have been staffed mainly by internists, infectious disease specialists and emergency room personnel, with some additional personnel from other wards.

But the number of coronavirus patients requiring hospitalization has declined, standing at 403 on Sunday. Of these, 132 were in serious condition, 93 in moderate condition and 178 in mild condition.

The closure of some coronavirus wards isn’t an official Health Ministry policy, but rather the initiative of individual hospitals.

When the crisis began, Hasharon Hospital in Petah Tikva was designated a dedicated coronavirus hospital and all its other activities were canceled. The hospital set up five coronavirus wards with 200 beds along with a coronavirus intensive care unit.