Israeli Forces Shoot Dead Palestinian Man Near Gaza Border

A 59-year-old Palestinian farmer died after being shot by Israeli forces in Gaza on Saturday, the Palestinian Health Ministry in the Strip said. 

According to Palestinian reports, the man, Muhammad Atah Abu Jama, was shot while working on the agricultural plot of land he owned east of Khan Younis. The Palestinian Health Ministry said he was moderately injured by Israeli fire and evacuated to the hospital. His condition later deteriorated and doctors pronounced him dead.

According to the Israeli army, the man entered a restricted buffer zone and approached Gaza’s border fence with Israel. He was shot after army forces feared he would try to cross.

Eyewitnesses quoted in Palestinian reports said the farmer was alone and there were no clashes in the area when he was shot by soldiers stationed at an observation post. 

On Friday, clashes broke out in multiple locations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Health Ministry reported 16 moderate to light wounded from live fire. 

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Last Sunday, a Palestinian man was shot to death by Israel Navy forces Sunday after the vessel he was on sailed past the authorized fishing zone off the northern Gaza Strip. 

According to an IDF spokesman, the boat, which was carrying three men, did not respond to calls from the Israeli military before the latter opened fire. The two other men on board were detained for interrogation.