Israeli Border Policeman Filmed Throwing Tear Gas at Palestinian Couple Holding Infant

An Israeli Border Police officer was filmed Friday throwing a tear gas grenade at a Palestinian couple carrying an infant in the West Bank village of Burin. The grenade was thrown as the two were fleeing their home with their backs to the officers near an area where a violent demonstration was taking place, according to Israeli Security Forces.

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– Israeli Border Police throw teargas grenade at Palestinian couple holding an infant

Yesh Din

The video, taken by a "Yesh Din" activist, shows the mother, the father and the infant leaving the house and trying to flee the area. A Border Policeman then throws a tear gas grenade at them, although they do not seem to pose a threat. The officers seem to be walking at a leisurely pace, some with their rifles already down.

According to Palestinians, there were protests Friday morning around Burin after several Israelis from nearby settlements attempted to enter the village.

Border Police forces arrived and attempted to disperse the demonstrations. Palestinians say one tear gas grenade fell into a school and the ambulance that arrived attempted to evacuate the people inside.

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Border Police say the video shows a "partial and edited" portrayal of the events. They add that during the violent riots that erupted, and were allegedly edited out, dozens of protestors were throwing rocks at the officers near and around the house. A Red Crescent ambulance requested the Border Police commander allowed them to take a person from the house around which the Palestinians were rioting, the Border Police added, to which the commander obliged despite the clashes.

During the evacuation, Border Police noted two suspects attempting to escape an area near which several rioters gathered earlier, and in response one of the officers threw a single tear gas grenade at them.

Border Police added that the Palestinian fled with his back to the officers and so it was impossible to see he was carrying a baby.

"Such a run is characteristic of rioters hurling stones at officers whilst risking their lives and trying to escape in attempt to avoid arrest at any cost. It’s needless to say that had the officers noticed the baby, they certainly would have acted accordingly.’

Over the last few weeks, there have been numerous violent encounters in the area between Israelis and Palestinians, including stone-throwing on both sides and the slaughter of a local shepherd’s sheep.