Israeli Army Shoots 18-year-old Palestinian Dead Near Hebron, Ramallah Health Ministry Says

The Israeli army shot and killed an 18-year-old Palestinian near a West Bank village south of Hebron, the health ministry in Ramallah reported on Saturday, while the Israeli army said it opened fire and hit a Palestinian who had hurled Molotov cocktails at a passing Israeli vehicle in the area.

In a statement released shortly after the health ministry's announcement, the Israeli army said that "During their operational activity, soldiers near the village of Beit Awwa identified three suspects throwing petrol bombs at an Israeli vehicle driving along the road."

According to the statement, the soldiers opened fired and and hit one of the suspects. The other two were taken in for questioning.

The health ministry identified the Palestinian as Badawi Khaled Masalmeh.

Over two weeks ago, Israeli security forces shot and killed a Palestinian during clashes with residents of a refugee camp in the southern West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry and Israeli army said.

Omar Haitham al-Badawi was hit by Israeli gunfire in the Al-Aroub refugee camp, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported. He was shot after a soldier mistaked a towel in his hand for a Molotov cocktail. An initial IDF investigation indicated that al-Badawi did not pose a threat to the soldiers when he was shot, and that they should not have used live ammunition.