Israeli Army Lifts Restrictions on Gaza Border Communities After Quiet Night

UPDATE: ‘Two Palestinians Killed, 307 Wounded’ in Border protests ■ Israel denied there was a cease-fire with Hamas. It now owes the public an explanation

All security restrictions have been withdrawn from the Gaza border communities after a situation assessment by the Israeli army, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, following a quiet night in the Gaza border communities, Israel’s Home Front Command issued new instructions to residents. Summer day camps have been allowed inside shelters, and the Ashkelon-Sderot train returned to regular activity. 

Following an escalation in hostilities between Israel and Gaza beginning on Wednesday, a foreign diplomat told Haaretz that Israel and Hamas reached a cease-fire late Thursday. According to the diplomat, the cease-fire is not part of a wider agreement being negotiated between the two parties.

– IDF footage showing destruction of Gaza building, August 9, 2018

IDF strikes in Gaza overnight – דלג

IDF strikes in Gaza overnightHaaretz

After a four-hour meeting at the IDF’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, sources told Haaretz that the current assessment is that Israel will refrain from launching a large-scale military operation in the Strip if no rockets are fired from Gaza overnight Thursday. The Prime Minister’s Office said that "the security cabinet has directed the IDF to continue taking strong action against the terrorists."

– A video of a house in Gaza hit by an Israeli strike which killed a pregnant mother and toddler. The house belonged to a family connected to Hamas.

#شاهد منزل عائلة خماش الذي تعرض لقصف الاحتلال الليلة الماضية، وأدى لاستشهاد المواطنة إيناس خماش وهي حامل (23 عاما)، وطفلتها بيان (عام ونصف) وإصابة زوجها بجراح متوسطة في منطقة الجعفراوي وسط القطاع

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The house in Gaza hit by an Israeli strike which killed a pregnant woman and toddler.

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– Damage is seen in the southern Israeli city of Sderot after a rocket attack from Gaza