Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Compounds in Northern Gaza Strip

The Israeli army attacked Hamas military compounds in the northern Gaza Strip overnight on Wednesday, according to the IDF spokesperson’s unit. Four different targets were attacked, including buildings, infrastructure, and a weapons production facility, the report said. 

Earlier Wednesday, the Israeli army struck several Hamas outposts in the Gaza Strip in response to shots fired at Israeli forces, the IDF spokesperson said. The Israeli army reported no casualties in both incidents. 

The "IDF Is determined to carry out its mission to ensure security for the residents of Israel," the spokesman said, and reiterated that Hamas is responsible for any "terrorist" acts carried out in the Gaza Strip. 

On Tuesday, two Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire and 160 were wounded during protests on the Gaza border, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

One of the dead was identified as Nasser Aourab, 51. He and another Palestinian were both killed east of Al-Bureij refugee camp. Most of wounded suffered from tear gas inhalation.

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Around 4,000 protesters gathered Tuesday night at six locations along the border fence of the Gaza Strip, as many of the 62 Palestinians killed by the IDF on Monday were buried.

The IDF said that at least 24 out of the 62 were militants – most of them members of Hamas and some of Islamic Jihad.