Israel to Ask U.S. Governors to Condemn UN List of Companies Tied to Settlements

Israel's Foreign Ministry Wednesday instructed its U.S. consulates to approach governors of states in which firms named in the UN human rights office database of companies that operate in West Bank settlements are based, and to ask them to condemn the list.

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Of the 112 companies named by the UNCHR list, which was released earlier that day, 94 are based in Israel and 18 in six other countries, including the United States. Included on the list are companies such as Airbnb, Expedia, General Mills and Motorola Solutions.

The issue has been highly sensitive as companies appearing in such a database could be targeted for boycotts or divestment aimed at stepping up pressure on Israel over its West Bank settlements, which most countries and the United Nations view as illegal. Goods produced there include fruit, vegetables and wine.