Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Response to Gaza Drone Attack

The Israeli military said it had carried out several air strikes in Gaza on Saturday, including on a Hamas naval base and two complexes of the organization's aerial command.

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According to the statement, the strikes were in response to a drone attack earlier on Saturday, in which a Gaza drone entered Israeli airspace and dropped explosives on a military vehicle by the border fence.

– Haaretz Weekly Ep. 39

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 39Haaretz

Palestinians reported explosions in the central Gaza Strip, as well as in the northern Strip by Beit Lahia.

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Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza Strip, September 6, 2019.

A few hours earlier, an Israeli military aircraft fired at what it identified as the Gaza cell that launched the drone attack.

In light of the violence and the looming Israeli elections, reports in Gaza say that the Egyptian security delegation will arrive in Gaza next week to meet with senior Hamas officials and de-escalate the situation.   

On Friday night, Israel struck several Hamas targets in Gaza after five rockets were launched from the Strip overnight Friday, targeting Hamas military positions near the Israeli border with aircraft and tank fire.  

Also on Friday, the Gaza health ministry reported that two Palestinian teenagers were killed by Israeli security forces during clashes near the Gaza border fence. At least 66 were also wounded in demonstrations along the border, 38 from gunfire.

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