Israel Police Arrest Two Settler Teenagers for Attacking Cops Disguised as Palestinians

Israel Police officers impersonating Palestinian technicians were assaulted by two teenagers in the Jewish settlement of Bat Ayin on Tuesday, the right-wing Honenu organization said.

When the disguised policemen arrived at the settlement, the teenagers approached them and inquired why they were there, to which the cops didn’t provide a clear answer.

– Haaretz Weekly Ep. 55

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This led one of the teenagers to hit one of the policemen, while the other sprayed a different police officer with pepper spray. Both were then arrested and taken in for questioning.

The police declined to comment on their operational activity in the settlement, adding that one policeman was lightly wounded in the incident.

The settlers in Bat Ayin adhere to the principle of "Hebrew labor," meaning their community doesn't employ Arabs at all, while in other West Bank settlements, it is quite common to hire Palestinian employees.

Honenu said in a statement that "Throughout the settlement's 30 years, the authorities have respected the wishes of the residents, sending only Jewish professionals and maintenance workers."

Attorney Moshe Polsky, who is representing the youths, said his clients were detained overnight.