Israel Okays Greater Return to Normalcy by Reopening Restaurants and Tourist Sites

The cabinet voted on Tuesday to allow restaurants, bars and tourist attractions to reopen starting Wednesday. Clubs, however, are not allowed to reopen, despite previous commitments made by government ministries to include them in the latest coronavirus regulations.

Patrons at all these facilities must observe physical distancing, wear masks except when eating, and observe rules of hygiene.

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Business owners must observe the rules of signposting, mark spots to wait in line, and restrict customers in accordance with the specific “purple badge” rules to be issued for each type of facility.

Pools are allowed to reopen, but must limit patrons so that there is a ratio of 6 square meters of space for each patron.

Restaurants, bars and pubs are permitted to seat customers in keeping with their business licenses, but places with a capacity of more than 100 people can only fill to 85 percent of capacity. Cable cars can resume operation but with only half the permitted number of riders, and not more than 20 riders.

Business owners can allow more people into their stores or businesses as long as there is a ratio of 7 square meters per customer. Up to 50 people can attend a professional meeting as long as participants can be seated at least two meters from one another.