Israel Just Called Early Elections. Here’s What You Can Expect

The Israeli government has decided to dissolve the Knesset and go to early elections on April 9. These are some critical dates to watch as the big day approaches.  

54 days before elections: The list of registered voters is published, and verified three days afterwards. 

47 – 48 days before elections: Parties’ slate of candidates must be submitted to the Central Elections Committee. Candidates wih a criminal conviction can request a ruling stating that their offense is not one of moral turpitude.  

– Haaretz Weekly podcast, Episode 9

Haaretz Weekly podcast, Episode 9Haaretz

41 – 40 days before elections: Last day to submit a request to disqualify a running party. 

30 days before elections: The committee anounces final approval or disqualification of all parties. 

28 days before elections: Chairman of the Elections Committee announces his decisions regarding moral turpitude of candidates.

21 days before elections: Notice is sent to all voters.

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20 days before elections: Chairman of the Ballot Committee is appinted. 

14 days before elections: Party election campaign broadcasts begin on television, the chairman of the Central Elections Committee issues an announcement of the freedom of elections. Polling locations are released. 

12 days before elections: Voting begins in Israeli missions overseas and on Israeli ships at sea.

April 9: Election Day.

8 days after elections: Official results are announced.

Date TBD: President will begin consultations before giving the task of forming the new government to one Knesset member.

14 days after elections: Appeals may be filed to Administrative Court in Jerusalem.