Israel Eases Coronavirus Restrictions: More Stores, Hairdressers Allowed to Open

The Israeli cabinet approved further easing of coronavirus regulations on Friday, with new rules set to take effect on Saturday night.

– Corona keeps Bibi in power and unmasks the Mossad

Corona keeps Bibi in power and unmasks the MossadHaaretz

Hairdressers and cosmeticians will be allowed to reopen from Saturday night, as will stores in open areas. Stores located inside closed shopping centers, including malls, will remain closed for now, as will markets. People will also be able to buy take away food from restaurants, as opposed to only ordering deliveries.

Ministers told Haaretz that no medical experts participated in the cabinet’s discussion and no in-depth data on the potential significance of the new regulations was presented. One minister said the decisions were made based on general assessments from the Health Ministry and as a result of requests by ministers.

Key changes to restrictions include:

■ People will be allowed to collect take away from restaurants, with limitations.

■ Hairdressers and beauty salons will be allowed to open, with restrictions.

■ Stores in the public space will be allowed to reopen, with the exception of indoor malls, with limitations.