How to Stop Netanyahu From Destroying What’s Left of Israel’s Democracy

In the context of the goings-on in Israel’s Deep State, a few months ago, Yair Netanyahu, the scourge of Twitter, published the following post: “Israel of 2019 is exactly George Orwell’s ‘1984’… I recommend that every Israeli citizen read the book and compare it to what has happened here in recent years.”

Now that the country’s court system has been shut down, the government has placed its citizens under surveillance, the justice minister is attempting to deny Kahol Lavan head Benny Gantz security protection, and the work of the elected parliament has been suspended – we have to salute Netanyahu, Jr.: He was the first to see it.

If we need a unity, or emergency, government, the reason is not the need to battle the coronavirus. There’s no opposition to that struggle. The serving government, despite its permanent temporariness, is taking all the measures it deems necessary to manage this crisis. The prime minister and his cabinet are formulating policy, the civil servants are executing it, the funds are being freed up, and medical personnel in the field are putting their lives on the line.

The heads of Kahol Lavan, Yisrael Beiteinu, Labor and Meretz must become part of the country’s leadership. Not in order to “eradicate” the coronavirus, but in order to contain Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Under the cover of the danger, the fear and the anxiety, the person who lost the brakes long ago is plotting to eliminate the last vestiges of Israel’s democratic structure.

He takes frequent pride in his superior multitasking abilities, the mythic skills and the fantastic output (“What I do in an hour, others do in a year”) with which he is blessed. Those are the qualities with which he is managing the crisis with his right hand, even as his left is gripping the throat of the state.

– Empty Tel Aviv from bird’s-eye-view