Hamas Releases Images of ‘Israeli Fighters Involved in Gaza Raid’; IDF Censors

Hamas published images on Thursday that allegedly show the Israeli combat soldiers who took part in a botched special operation in the southern Gaza Strip last week.

The office of the Israeli military censor issued a rare statement in which it asked not to publish the information distributed by Hamas.

"Hamas is currently involved in an attempt to decipher and understand the event that took place deep in Gaza on November 11 and every piece of information, even if it is considered harmless by those publishing it is liable to endanger human lives and cause harm to the country’s security," the statement read.

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A 41-year-old Israeli army officer was killed and another was moderately wounded during the November 11 operation in Khan Younis, which left seven Hamas members dead. The incident spiraled quickly into two days of conflict between Israel and Gaza, with Palestinians firing hundreds of rockets into Israeli towns.

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The statement, which was sent to media outlets added: "Without commenting on the credibility of the details that Hamas is publishing, we request that you refrain to every extent possible from disseminating pictures, personal identifying details or other personal details that you have received for your information through the media, social networks, WhatsApp groups and any other platform. One must conduct oneself responsibly."