Gaza Protests: Reports of 122 Palestinians Wounded by Israeli Military Fire

Reports in Gaza say 122 Palestinians were hurt by live Israeli fire as over 10,000 protested along the border with the Strip on Friday, burning tires and Israeli flags. The army says live rounds were fired.

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According to the Israeli army, there are five different sites along the border where protests are taking place. Palestinians in Gaza say of the 58 hurt, one is in critical condition. They also noted that the number of protesters was lower than last week – though they believe that more people may join later in the day.


According to the army, numerous attempts to destroy obstacles erected by the army were made in the past hours. They also said that a number of attacks were attempted, with explosives and firebombs thrown at the border, as well as gunfire.

Later on Friday, the IDF said attempts were made to breach and cross the border fence. An explosive charge was thrown in the Karni area, and Molotov cocktails were thrown at the border. A kite with a Molotov cocktail was sent towards the Israeli side of the border, but it fell on the side of Gaza, and no one was hurt. 

Third week of protests along Gaza border

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The army reiterated it is opening fire only according to its protocols and will not allow anyone to harm Israel’s "defense infrastructures," calling demonstrators "violent rioters and terrorists."

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