Explained: New Coronavirus Guidelines Edging Israel Closer to Total Shutdown

The Israeli government intensified its restrictions on activity and personal movement overnight Monday in a series of measures that went into effect on Tuesday at 5 P.M., as Israel continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

The move comes after a full week of nearly complete lockdown.

– Bibi’s impossible victory and Israel’s corona blind spots

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 72

According to the new regulations, in effect for a week, people are allowed to leave the house only to buy of food, pharmaceuticals or other “essential needs.” These needs are defined as medical or veterinary services, welfare and social services, blood donations, political demonstrations, appearances in court and appearances in the Knesset.

Exercise in open spaces must be done for a “short period of time” and limited to 100 meters (330 feet) from one’s home. Only two people living in the same house may go out together. 

The workforce will be reduced to 15 percent, down from 30 percent until now. In workplaces not considered "essential," no more than 10 workers will be allowed inside at a time.

Public gatherings are now banned altogether, including prayer, with very specific exceptions for some ceremonies. Funerals can be held in open spaces with up to 20 participants. Circumcision ceremonies are permitted with up to ten participants.