Drawing Ire From Far-right Lawmaker, Israeli Arabs Renew Anti-gun Violence Protest

Thousands of Israel's Arab citizens took to the streets on Friday in the second day of protests against police inaction on spiraling violence in Arab society.

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Demonstrations were held in several Arab cities and towns, including Nazareth, Umm al-Fahm, Shfaram, Tamra, Majdal Krum, and Kfar Qasim.

The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee in Israel said that Arab youth movements are rallying protesters to stage demonstrations in predominantly Arab towns. 

The committee secretariat said it would decide in the coming days on how to proceed.

– Ayman Odeh

ממשיכים להציף את הרחובות ואני קורא גם לציבור היהודי להצטרף למחאות. חברה ללא נשק היא יעד אזרחי וחברתי של כולנו! pic.twitter.com/PfkzR0p3es

— Ayman Odeh (@AyOdeh) October 4, 2019

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