Coronavirus Israel Live: Uptick in Cases Continues as Jerusalem Schools Shutter

Israel has seen a spike in coronavirus cases as it begins lifting restrictions on restaurants, bars, tourist attractions and other businesses. Despite the uptick, the country's number of COVID-19 patients remains low. 

■ 17,169 people in Israel have so far tested positive for the coronavirus; 285 people have died. In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, 554 people tested positive; two people have died. In the Gaza Strip, 61 people were diagnosed, 18 of whom recovered, and one person has died. 

– corona-stats

■ Coronavirus tracker: Live stats of cases and deaths


9:25 No indication of widespread infection among foreigners

Only 11 migrant workers and asylum seekers tested positive for coronavirus out of 250 tests that were taken in a community clinic in south Tel Aviv. The perception that migrants and asylum seekers are more infected may be rooted in xenophobia, said Dr. Zoe Gutzeit of Physicians for Human Rights Israel. (Bar Peleg) 

8:27 P.M. Uptick in daily coronavirus cases in Israel continues