Coronavirus Israel Live: New Cases Hit Lowest Point in Five Weeks

Despite an extensive vaccination campaign, coronavirus cases in Israel remain high and show little sign of decreasing. Israel is exiting its third nationwide lockdown, and has halted inbound and outbound flights. 5,283 Israelis have died so far of the virus.

Meanwhile, Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip await vaccines, though it may take at least a few more months for their campaigns to reach enough members of the population. 1,557 people have died so far in the West Bank, while 531 have died in Gaza.

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11:51 P.M. Three policemen injured by stones as wedding dispersed near West Bank settlement

Three policemen retained minor injuries from stones thrown at them as they dispersed a wedding which violated coronavirus restrictions in the West Bank.

Around one hundred people who were not local residents attended the wedding of a couple from northern Israel, which took place outside the settlement of Itamar, according to the police. 

When the police started to break up the wedding, dozens began throwing stones and other objects at the officers.

The injured policemen were evacuated for medical treatment and additional police forces arrived to disperse the wedding. Four attendees were also lightly injured. 

The wedding was held by people who are not members of the community, and arrived on the scene after calls by residents.

The Samaria Regional Council responded to the incident: "We do not allow gatherings in violation of the coronavirus rules." (Hagar Shezaf)

8:05 P.M. Jerusalem to reopen schools in some neighborhoods after confusion keeps them shut

The city of Jerusalem announced on Thursday that it would reopen schools in the three neighborhoods in which it is permitted according to the Education Ministry's rules, which allow schools to reopen only in areas with a relatively lower level of infection. Schools throughout the city remained closed on Thursday, with the municipality saying government instructions about which schools could reopen were unclear. Many parents in Jerusalem have voiced annoyance over the uncertainty surrounding school reopenings (Shira Kadari-Ovadia)

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3:30 P.M. Modi'in Ilit says it vaccinated 100 percent of residents over 60

The West Bank settlement of Modi'in Ilit, with a population of tens of thousands, has vaccinated 100 percent of residents over the age of 60, the city said Thursday. (Aaron Rabinowitz)

2:19 P.M. Deputy AG still mulling restrictions on unvaccinated teachers 

As schools reopen this week, Deputy Attorney General Raz Nazri said that restrictions on unvaccinated teaching staff are still under consideration. This will ultimately be subject to the decision of legislative bodies and a careful legal review.

The need to safeguard public health, to return the education system to normalcy and to protect the rights of teachers and staff all must be weighed in the process, Nazri said. (Netael Bandel)